The American Anglican Council is a huge supporter of the FOCUS Group, offering fundraising consultation to Christian non-profits. They guide organizations through a carefully crafted campaign driven by decades of experience, but have an individually tailored approach to meet specific needs. The FOCUS Group offers customized evaluation and counsel on specific tasks as churches and other non-profits … Read More

Many Bishops have sent out pastoral letters about how we should receive the sacrament of Holy Communion in this season of social distancing. The consensus of the bishops at this time is that we cannot provide the sacrament “virtually” by consecration over the internet, with the clergy consecrating bread and wine remotely. So, here are a few … Read More

All over the world followers of Jesus Christ celebrated his resurrection from the dead on Sunday—his rising bodily from death and the tomb.  We offered this video as a way to begin Easter morning with a message of hope in this time of pandemic and economic uncertainty.  Canon Phil Ashey addresses the question “What is … Read More