We, at the American Anglican Council, are so grateful for our new partnership with the team at 8@8. One of the AAC’s greatest values is believing in the power of prayer. 8at8 is a ministry that lives this out around the world, a ministry born out of the need for prayer during difficult times as several crises confronted the church and the world in 2020. It continues today around the one central idea that gave it life: to gather an international community in prayer every evening at 8 p.m. for 8 minutes. This community’s borders fall outside denominational lines, and though a project created by Anglicans, it is already embraced by thousands of Christians from various traditions all over the world. 

On their website, mediations and prayers are offered to aid in daily prayer. If you’ve yet to join, we’d love to invite you to be a part of the 8@8 movement. You can sign up at www.8at8pm.org to receive our daily call to pray over a lectionary reading and connect with others through our Facebook group (8@8). You can also send the website link or an invitation to the Facebook group to your friends, to the organization where you work or volunteer, and to the leaders in your church or denomination.

This movement inspired the Lenten project you see here and which we are so thankful to help produce and distribute. Willa Kane, Sally Breedlove, Madison Perry and Kari West are all founding members of 8at8pm and authors of the entries you will read. The American Anglican Council designed and produced this book of those writings for people to enter into prayer through the season of Lent. Please download this as a free gift and distribute it to anyone who may want to go a little deeper in their daily contemplation during this significant season in the Christian year. 

May the Lord provide you a blessed and holy Lent.

Click the image below for your free copy of On the 8th Day!

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