about formed in the furnace

an introduction to the daniel declaration

Freedom without formation leaves us frustrated and aimless. And in a culture looking for answers – often, we don’t even know what questions to ask! 
Daniel and his friends in Babylon asked similar questions. They were free from Israel’s rules and living in the cultural capital of the world of their time. They could keep their heads down, enjoy the food, and live a life of relative comfort. But they resolved to follow the Lord – and stand. They were being formed into faithful, courageous, and resilient leaders who affirmed biblical truth, defined and exposed the issues of the God’s people and society at large, and provided a biblical way forward to courageously engage a fallen culture with Good News. 
We want to invite you to be formed, like Daniel, by God’s Word so that you, too, can stand courageously with Good News that leads to true freedom. each chapter breaks down each part of the daniel declaration, explaining the cultural and spiritual implications of each issue that the declaration deals with. The end of each chapter includes reflections and group discussion questions for individual or group studies.

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