160 Participate in Vancouver Area AAC Church Revitalization

10/28/2016By fcapitanioCurrent News, Featured

On Wednesday, October 26, 2016 more than one hundred Anglicans packed Good Shepherd Anglican Church and took part in Revive!, the American Anglican Council’s church revitalization program.   “What we do at these events is challenge Anglicans with a radical shift in thinking,” Canon Steven Saul, Director of Church Revitalization for the AAC says. “Churches don’t … Read More

Sheep Among Wolves

07/12/2016By fcapitanioCurrent News, Encompass, Featured

  One vote kept The Anglican Church of Canada’s synod from opening the door to same sex marriage on Monday, July 11. I wanted to take heart at this outcome – any time a church beats back heresy, Christians should rejoice. We should be glad that the shepherds were able to chase the wolf away, … Read More

You’re Either Salty or Useless

07/08/2016By fcapitanioCurrent News, Featured

“What is the world coming to?” was an often-used phrase of my mother’s. She was a teacher on the south side of Atlanta, GA and I remember her saying that when describing what some of her students did that day or what their parents said. It was really just a catch-all phrase describing a frustration, … Read More