Revive! Church ReVitalization


The work of the church is not easy and it is becoming commonplace to see more and more churches (both large and small) struggling with decline (lower attendance, smaller outreach and mission, and tighter budgets).   If you, a church leader, are saying ‘yes’ to any or all of these issues – you are not alone.  Recognizing and identifying the hardships in ministry is an important first step to overcoming defeat and building a healthy church – quickly!

Church ReVitalization is a methodology and plan that leads the local church from a posture of “decline” to a stature of “incline.”

Two Steps toward ReVitalization - that's all we ask you to initially take.

  1. ReVive Workshop – A two-day (Friday evening and Saturday) gathering of a local church's leadership is designed to begin steps for improved fellowship (relationships within the church), performance (achieving set goals), Worship, and outreach (local mission – the neighborhood around your church). Our workshop leaders, called "coaches," are trained and certified to come along side the church leadership team and help them from where they are to where they want to be.  The ReVive Workshop provides clear direction for necessary steps towards a healthier church
  2. Church ReVitalization Coaching - following the ReVive Workshop, the church's leadership engages an American Anglican Council coach. The coach regularly consults with and advises the leadership team as it takes steps toward a healthier church. We believe that having a professional, independent coach is essential for congregations that want to move forward. * Coaching relationships typically last from 6-18 months with coaching sessions twice monthly.

If you would like more information on Church ReVitalization from the American Anglican Council contact:

The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge
Director of Church Revitalization and Coaching,
The American Anglican Council
(m) 904-608-0047