Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Please receive my deepest thanks for all the work you are doing serving the LORD in your practice of law FOR his Church!

If you are at all like me, you have been inundated with webinars and zoom calls about life during the pandemic—and no doubt by the challenges facing the Anglican churches where you worship, and the congregations and dioceses whom you serve. I’m writing actually, hopefully, to lift some of the load you are carrying by God’s grace with a resource that will help you in your service as a Chancellor or attorney involved in maintaining good and godly governance within the Anglican Church in North America.

At our October 2019 gathering of the Anglican Lawyers Network in Chicago, one of the needs we identified was a basic orientation to how Anglicans govern themselves under church law. This course we are offering online through Trinity School for Ministry (Ambridge PA) addresses that need. Here is the description:

“What are the biblical, theological, historical and juridical principles that have shaped, and continue to shape, the way Anglicans in North America govern themselves at every level of the Church? This seminar will offer a critical appraisal of the constitution and canons of the Anglican Church in North America, its dioceses and congregations in light of these principles – principles that also shape the governance of the Churches in the Anglican Communion. This information will be helpful for those who practice or are involved in the administration of church law as well as for those interested in pursuing studies in canon law.”

You can find he registration site here: The cost is $100 for two days of interactive teaching and discussion that will help you understand the principles of conciliar governance that are at the heart of how Anglicans here in North America, and across the world, govern their churches. The deadline for registration is May 22. I apologize for this late notice—Like you, I have been swamped with addressing the challenges facing our churches. But we need more “canon law” hands-on-deck to ensure that the movement God has begun among Anglicans in North America will continue to bear good fruit for generations to come! I know that’s your heart too, and so I hope you will join me June 8 and 9 online.

God bless you and Thank you!

Canon Phil Ashey

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