Over the last six years the American Anglican Council (AAC) has focused on strengthening the local church’s leadership. When talking with parish leaders (both clergy and lay) I often hear something like, “We’re stuck. We want to focus on impacting our community but are fixed in survival mode.” Successful change is often perceived as one of the most difficult tasks in any organization – but in most instances it (change) is not as hard as one might think. It does require a plan of action and the Church ReVitalization Workshop provided by the AAC is a foundation that leads clergy and lay leadership to a new and healthier vision and mission.


Some leaders we work with fear change. I’ve seen other leaders embrace change but at the expense of moving their parish forward as a team. One of the first steps in moving a parish from maintenance to mission is to establish a vision that the entire congregation understands – allowing the community to “buy in” and take part in the way forward.

Mark Rutland, author of “Relaunch – How to Stage an Organizational Comeback” writes about the “turnaround leader” whose primary job is to cast a vision. He writes: “[In the organization] the biggest problem is never damaged systems or damaged finances. The biggest problem is the damaged dream. The turnaround leader is the Chief Culture Officer in an organization. [As the CCO]… it is your job to create vision and communicate that vision at every opportunity to every person who will stand still or walk slow! You are there to restore a dream or, perhaps, to create a new dream.”


There are instances when leaders hit a place where they find themselves (and those they serve) stuck in decline and lacking direction for the way forward. The AAC’s Church ReVitalization and the Coaching Team is eager to begin a conversation with your local church, deanery and even the larger diocese to build an awareness of easy and effective steps for guiding leaders to healthy transformation. Our team of coaches is available to come along side your leadership and build a plan for a successful season ahead.†


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