what does it take to change a life?

This rich, compact collection of stories from the field of the Gospel provides insightful reflections on the possibilities that can happen in any church when just one person’s life is changed, a chain reaction that can multiply one miracle into many more. With the help of the Rev. Dr. Sherry Adams, the Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge narrates his experience as a rector in an urban city with unexpected, God-appointed moments of relationship with the neglected, the unique, and the often left behind. Eldredge adds illuminating commentary and practical applications to these Gospel stories in order to inspire churches and small groups into greater mission and zeal. The harvest is ripe with individuals around us waiting to find Jesus and start a new chain for God’s Kingdom.

about the authors

The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge is an ordained Anglican priest and the Director of Church Revitalization for the American Anglican Council, a non-profit ministry in partnership with the ACNA dedicated to developing, equipping, and reforming the Church in North America and around the world. He also serves a similar role as the Canon for Congregational Health for the Gulf Atlantic Diocese based in Jacksonville, FL.

The Rev. Dr. Sherry Adams is a pastoral counselor and teacher and has taught and counseled at the high school, college, and graduate school levels. She was ordained in December of 2001 and now works bivocationally as both an Anglican priest and a licensed clinical psychologist. She is the author of Be a Blessing: A Guide to Safe and Sane Pastoral Care and currently resides in Gainesville, Florida.

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