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7 Canons Every Vestry Ought to Know

This companion to the series we released last week on 10 Canons Every Rector Ought to Know was developed to help you as a lay leader effectively partner with your Rector and clergy in leading your church in mission and ministry.

In the introductory video we address the misconception that laity are responsible for the “temporalities” of the church, and clergy for the “spiritualities.”  In reality, these two areas are not “hermetically sealed off” from each other but form a whole sphere of ministry for which both clergy and laity must partner together as servant leaders in ministry!  I invite you to watch this introduction (the first video in the series of seven) and see the way we frame and address the issues you as a lay leader frequently face in your local church:

  • What do Anglicans believe?
  • How is the government of our church different than the churches (congregational, Baptist, Roman Catholic) that I grew up in?
  • Can you give me a short history of how the Anglican Church in North America formed, and why??
  • What are the requirements for membership in our local church?
  • How do we prepare people for membership?
  • What is our mission as a local church?
  • What is a Bishop and how do we relate to him?
  • Is our property safe from confiscation by the diocese and/or the Province?

These are among the questions we address in this seven episode video series.  Each video is from two and a half minutes (2:30) to eight minutes (8:00) in length.  We point you to the actual places in the Constitution and Canons of the ACNA where you can find the answers to these FAQs, and we try to do so with a minimum of “legalese” and a maximum of practical application.

We commend these to you as another resource you can draw upon to explain both the values and the richness of what it means to follow Jesus in the Anglican way.  They are short enough to spark good discussion in a vestry meeting or other leadership team meeting, Sunday school class, or small group.  We pray they will bless you and enable you to make good and godly decisions as you seek to share the transforming love of Jesus Christ with your community!

Watch the Series Here

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