In this series of articles looking at the letters to the seven churches in Revelation through “Church Revitalization Eyes,” we are looking to see what we could apply to our Anglican churches. This article looks at the letter to the Church in Pergamum which my study bible gives the heading, “The Compromising Church.” That seems … Read More

I recently had the privilege of attending a portion of Urbana 18 which is a missions conference put on by Intervarsity every three years. It was held between Christmas and New Year’s in St. Louis, Missouri. I was told there were somewhere around 11,000 people in attendance with 10,000 of them being college age! Seeing … Read More

Most of our churches will have unchurched people in our services for Christmas. Some of them will no doubt be “CEO’s” – “Christmas and Easter Only” people! Some may be seekers who are tired of living their way and think God and the church might have some answers. No matter their motivation for coming, this … Read More