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Hope Springs from Cairo: Preparations for the Global South Assembly 2024

I have just returned from meetings of the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans (GSFA) in Cairo and specifically from a working group to prepare for the first Pan-Anglican Congress of bishops, clergy, and laity that will meet under the auspices of the Global South, June 11-15, 2024 in Egypt. A communique from this gathering was released yesterday. Many people are asking why these preliminary meetings were so important. Let me suggest four reasons:

1) In the meetings between the primates of the Global South and orthodox Anglican leaders, there was significant bridge building between Gafcon and the Global South. 

Ever since the Kigali 2023 statement and the meeting of Gafcon, many people have asked how Gafcon and the Global South can build bridges to work together. How can these two organizations work like Sts. Peter and Paul did in the Book of Acts so that mission and structure are not redundant? As I spoke with a number of Gafcon primates present for this meeting, the comment I heard repeatedly was that significant progress toward this goal was made. One primate put it this way: the wide and deep ditch that once existed between Gafcon and the Global South has narrowed and filled in as a result of this meeting. That is good news! Please join me in praying that Gafcon and the Global South will continue to grow and work together as missional, societal, and ecclesial structures to promote the Gospel to all nations. In their communique from this week, they named this priority: ‘to take the gospel out urgently,’ recognizing that the roots of the global Communion were planted through the faithful and costly proclamation of the Gospel. 

2) There was a significant representation of orthodox Anglican leaders in these Global South meetings. 

Please note from the attendance list in the communique that for the first time primates from Central Africa, the Anglican Network in Europe, and communion partners in North America and England were present. Many of these leaders were observers, yet they participated fully in the discussions. There was broad consensus about the road ahead. 

3) The purpose of the GSFA covenantal structures was reaffirmed. 

Please note the language from the press release. These covenantal structures will firewall the Global South and its members against false teaching from revisionist primates and provinces. The purpose of this meeting was to reaffirm the Ash Wednesday statement of the Global South Fellowship and the statement following Lambeth 2023 that the Global South is done with the leadership of Canterbury and any vestige of colonialism from the British Empire. This fellowship of biblically faithful, courageous, and resilient Anglicans will move forward undeterred by false gospels in proclaiming Jesus Christ faithfully to all nations. After the first Global Assembly June 11-15, 2024, a covenantal structure will exist at the global level of the Anglican Communion that will promote mutual will, interdependence, accountability, and discipline among the churches of the Anglican Communion. This is good news for biblically faithful Anglicans all over the world. 

4) The Global South Assembly, June 11-15, 2024, is set to go full steam ahead! 

The working group I was privileged to serve on met for several days to determine the daily program, plenary sessions and workshops, and the launching of ecclesial structures. The launching of these ecclesial bodies at the Assembly will include an inaugural GSFA House of Bishops, its Faith and Order Commission, the election of the Board (a standing committee) and its officers, the Chair of the GSFA Primates Council, and the Assembly itself. This will be a significant reset of Anglican Communion structures for biblically faithful, courageous, and resilient Anglicans. 

We will have more to report on the details of the Assembly as plans unfold, and we take heart that God is doing a new thing. The Anglican Communion of Churches is being reset on the foundations of both the faithfulness of God’s Word and covenantal structures that are episcopally-led and synodically-governed.

Stay tuned to the American Anglican Council for future updates on the Global South Assembly 2024, when we will be reporting direct from Cairo, Egypt. To find out more about the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans, visit their website at Sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already to get the latest news and updates on all that the AAC is doing to develop faithful Anglican leaders, equip local congregations, and reform the Church wherever it’s needed. You can sign up on our contact page under “Keep Informed”.

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