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Reframing the Vision in Westpoint, Tennessee

Westpoint, TN – The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge had an excellent consultation weekend with Christ Our Hope Anglican Church in Westpoint and their rector, The Rev. Franklin Sanders, during the first weekend of December. Nestled in the wooded hills of south central Tennessee, the congregation offers reverent worship, faithful biblical preaching, and a warm Christian fellowship. They are in the jurisdiction of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

Because of the unique challenges and opportunities of this rural Tennessee church, Canon Mark tailored aspects from all the Anglican Revitalization Ministries (ARM) resources to form a hybrid weekend conference that touched upon all their needs. ARM focuses on proven and practical resources to help Anglican congregations move towards the fullness of church life that God has for them. Its three ministries are Revive, focusing on church revitalization and health; Renew, bringing Holy Spirit renewal to congregations in the Anglican church; and Reframe, providing one-on-one consultation and coaching to church leaders.  This weekend in Westpoint brought these three ministries together.

After a time of renewal and empowerment in the Holy Spirit, the congregation identified a specific “unreached people group” in their community that they are uniquely gifted to “Go and make disciples of.” They emphasized one of the ARM values that “Bigger is not better; smaller is not better; but healthier is better” and continued discussion and prayers on how to implement a revitalized vision. Canon Mark will continue to work with The Rev. Sanders and the church’s leadership as he continues to coach them into greater revitalization.

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