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Revive in Lexington, Kentucky

Two congregations, Apostles Anglican and St. Patrick’s Anglican, both in Lexington, came together for a Revive Weekend April 29-May 1. After the challenging last couple of year both churches knew they needed to be renewed and refreshed in the Lord in addition to putting into practice the principles of church health taught in Revive. Wanting to emphasize the need for renewal Apostles and St. Patrick’s opted for the two-day Revive seminar where Friday night of the weekend focuses exclusively on the renewal needed for a church to revitalize. The Lord showed up in a powerful way both restoring a sense of passion for Jesus and a replenishing in the power of the Holy Spirit for the mission both churches need to do to grow. Then on Saturday they gathered learn about and start to apply the Biblical principles and practical strategies of church revitalization.

It was truly a wonderful weekend and Canon Mark looks forward to working with both congregations over the next six months, providing coaching to help them implement the unique strategies and goals each church is making to better reach the lost in Lexington!

If you are interested in having Revive come to your church, email Canon Mark today at: to set up a call.

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