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The Church at a Crossroads: Gafcon and the Church of Uganda Just Say “No”

The Church is at a crossroads. Nothing illustrates that more than Archbishop Steven Kaziimba’s response on behalf of the Church of Uganda to the Church of England’s decision to bless same-sex relationships. In short, the Church of Uganda says, “Just say no.”

Just say no to the leaders of the Church of England, including Archbishop Justin Welby and Archbishop of York, Stephen Cotrell, who tried to convince us there is a distinction between the blessing of a couple and the blessing of their relationship. As Archbishop Kaziimba says so clearly: if it looks like a wedding and sounds like a wedding, it is a wedding. 

Just say no to the Church of England’s departure from the Bible and their new message, which is the opposite of the Bible. Instead of calling for repentance, it is blessing sin.

Just say no to going down the suicidal path the Church of England has now taken in following the Episcopal Church by redefining biblical standards for human sexuality, marriage, and leadership in the Church.

Just say no to the Church of England’s attempt to highjack the Anglican Communion and the vast majority of Anglicans who refuse to give up on the Faith once delivered.

Just say no to endless Indaba, obfuscation, manipulation and paying more attention to the internal politics of the Church of England, English culture, and Parliament, rather than the plain and grammatical teaching of God’s Word.

The Anglican Communion is no longer the remnant of the British Empire. Both the Global South and Gafcon have stated this clearly. We also commend to you the statement of Archbishop Foley Beach, Chair of Gafcon, in condemning the decision of the Church of England by raising the question yet again, how the Archbishop of Canterbury can pretend to serve as a focus of unity, much less an instrument of unity, for the Anglican Communion.

Please read carefully both of these important press releases. They represent a See-change in the Anglican Communion, a commitment to refocus and reset Anglicans in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission and restoring faith and order (communion catholicity) within the Anglican Communion. Both statements set the table for the gathering of biblically-faithful Anglicans at Gafcon IV in April in Kigali.

Imagine what can happen if Global South primates and Gafcon primates meeting together issue a statement on behalf of the more than 70 percent of Anglicans globally, condemning the decision of the Church of England and setting our faces towards a Communion, where working together we make disciples of all nations and hold each other accountable to that faith once delivered. The Gafcon primates and Global South primates did this in 2017 together in Alexandria when they issued their joint statement on human sexuality. Can they do this again in Kigali?

Is it possible that the best and brightest biblical theologians in both the Global South and Gafcon can partner together to refute the Bible in the Life of the Church curriculum that has exalted personal context and cultural context over the content of the bible itself? Is it possible for these theologians to reset the rest of the Communion in how to study and apply God’s eternal and changeless Word to the ever-changing cultures in which we live, with grace and truth?

Please join the American Anglican Council as we pray for this future that lies ahead.

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