Years ago, when I was rector of a small church and retreat center, I attended a seminar by The Rev. Dr. John Stott on Romans chapters 1-8. I took in every life-changing word.  Additionally, each participant spent an hour with him to reflect on our lives and ministries. I was the youngest in our small, aging … Read More

Advent is God’s time out, his season set aside for us to have ears to hear and eyes to see; to recognize that Jesus Christ is coming—always coming—in every moment, in every encounter, if we are attentive. It’s time to prepare for the celebration of his “God-in-the-flesh” birth among us and to simultaneously become wide … Read More

How should Christians follow Jesus in a time of distress and upheaval?  In this message given at Holy Cross Anglican Cathedral on November 29, Canon Phil Ashey describes how we should neither be surprised nor be taken hostage by current events.  Preaching from Mark 13, he expounds on the important truth that history belongs to … Read More