We, at the American Anglican Council, are so grateful for our new partnership with the team at 8@8. One of the AAC’s greatest values is believing in the power of prayer. 8at8 is a ministry that lives this out around the world, a ministry born out of the need for prayer during difficult times as … Read More

One of the glaring problems exposed in the church during 2020 was the lack of adequate spiritual formation, or discipleship, most churches have practiced over that last few decades. I’ve been in many meetings with church leaders during which someone points out that we have not done a good job of discipleship, and every head … Read More

The Rev. Marc Robertson is the retired rector of Christ’s Church Anglican in Savannah, GA and the spiritual shepherd of the upcoming 2 year cohort of the AAC’s Foundations Course: Developing Anglican Mission Pastors, which will launch in the Gulf Atlantic Diocese in August 2021. We are so grateful for the opportunity to republish this … Read More