After nearly a year of having to be in reactive leadership mode in 2020, I want to address again the importance of getting specific about who you are trying to reach for Jesus, or to put it another way, being clear about which specific unreached people group in your local area your church is called … Read More

On January 19, the Anglican Church in North America published Sexuality and Identity: A Pastoral Statement from the College of Bishops.  This Statement from the ACNA College of Bishops sought to address at least three pressing questions: What should our biblical and pastoral response be to those within our Church who self-identify as Christians with same-sex attraction? … Read More

We, at the American Anglican Council, are so grateful for our new partnership with the team at 8@8. One of the AAC’s greatest values is believing in the power of prayer. 8at8 is a ministry that lives this out around the world, a ministry born out of the need for prayer during difficult times as … Read More