The best part of 2021 so far is that it’s not 2020. Can I get an AMEN?! One of the most frustrating parts of last year, from a church leadership perspective, was the near-constant state of having to react to negative circumstances. Reactive leadership is more like playing defense, where you don’t know what’s coming … Read More

Years ago, when I was rector of a small church and retreat center, I attended a seminar by The Rev. Dr. John Stott on Romans chapters 1-8. I took in every life-changing word.  Additionally, each participant spent an hour with him to reflect on our lives and ministries. I was the youngest in our small, aging … Read More

Advent is God’s time out, his season set aside for us to have ears to hear and eyes to see; to recognize that Jesus Christ is coming—always coming—in every moment, in every encounter, if we are attentive. It’s time to prepare for the celebration of his “God-in-the-flesh” birth among us and to simultaneously become wide … Read More