On Thursday, May 7, 2020, the American Anglican Council hosted a live discussion with the ACNA’s Archbishop Foley Beach, where he answered questions that Canon Phil Ashey posed to him from the audience on what we can expect in our churches as the nation begins to come out of quarantine and as our churches begin … Read More

Today was the first day of May, a time that gives us the hope of summer just around the corner. Likewise, we’ve all been living through the drudgery of a sociological winter, a quarantine that keeps us hidden, often isolated, and makes our days stagnant. Many people in the Church long for gathered worship once … Read More

A word from Canon Mark Eldredge on Clarity in Crisis: Through the busyness of figuring out how to have worship services, including Holy Week and Easter, and all the other basics of ministry, like pastoral care, you may have found it hard to take a step back, get above the fog, and see the bigger … Read More