Source:  GAFCON January 6, 2013 A STATEMENT BY ARCHBISHOP ELIUD WABUKALA As we enter the season of Epiphany we rejoice in the splendour of the light that has dawned upon us in the appearance of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Yet it is a great sadness that before the New Year has hardly begun, … Read More

Source:  Church of Uganda – Via Email January 7, 2012 It is very discouraging to hear that the Church of England, which once brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Uganda, has taken such a significant step away from that very gospel that brought life, light, and hope to us. The recent decision of the … Read More

Source:  Diocese of South Carolina January 4, 2013 Lawsuit filed to defend more than $500 million in property from ‘blatant land grab’ as TEC seeks control of Diocesan holdings and parishes. “LIKE OUR COLONIAL FOREFATHERS, WE ARE PURSUING THE FREEDOM TO PRACTICE OUR FAITH AS WE SEE FIT, NOT AS IT IS DICTATED TO US BY … Read More