We are a nation of rugged and proud problem solvers.  Over 10 years ago a survey in Newsweek of Christians found that while 84% believed that God answered prayers, less than 25% prayed daily.  Perhaps we too have been shaped more by our culture than by the promises in the Bible about the power of prayer.  All of … Read More

The American Anglican Council recently published an article regarding the usefulness of the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program to keep our congregations, clergy and staff afloat for 8 weeks thanks to the Act’s $350+ BILLION in forgivable loans to small businesses and all 501c3s including churches. You can find the article here: https://americananglican.org/current-news/ Another great … Read More

How the new PPP loan and other resources can save you and your church during this Pandemic The Paycheck Protection Loan Program (PPP) in the CARES ACT (see below) provides loans to small businesses and any organization exempt from income tax under IRS Section 501(c)3, and with less than 500 employees. That includes your local church, … Read More